Summer Hills Lipa City

summerhillsWe are talking about a 3 bedroom home, 1 toilet and bath, parking 72 sqm floor area,complete turn over with gate, plenty of space and light all of it on a 50 sqm lot and a RFO price of only 1,350,000Php. Now that’s amazing isn’t it? Summer hills is one of the best affordable home solutions in the province of Batangas, join us for a site trip and you will be convinced.

Lipa City`s property market is booming and the general sqm price is going up. Despite this, however, there is some good news for first-time buyers. The boom has encouraged developers to build more modestly priced homes in less well-known locations like Summer hills, which still benefit from the city’s prime location and transport links.

Total Contract price: 1,250,000

Cash out – move in fee: 100,000

Total package price: 1,350,000

Reservation fee: 10,000

Net. Miscellaneous fee: 90,250

EQUITY: 102,287

Total Cash out: 192,537

Payable in 15 month: 12,836

Loanable amount: 1,147,713

Monthly amortization ( 25 Years) : 11,290

The city’s location, in a valley between Mount Malarayat and Mount Makulot, makes it a low risk area. These two mountains serve as wind breakers in times of typhoon. Mount Makulot at the western portion also served as shield of the city in times of eruption of Taal Volcano.

Lipa City is a major recreational, religious, commercial, industrial and educational center in Batangas province, as shown with the presence in the city of entities like Hotel la Corona de Lipa, Nestle Philippines, Lipa City Science High School, Canossa Academy, De La Salle Lipa, Lipa City Colleges, AMA Lipa, The Nazareth School, the San Sebastian Cathedral, The Mabini Academy which was founded in 1922 and the oldest school in Lipa City, the Carmelite Convent, Robinson’s Place Lipa Mall, Mount Malarayat Golf and Country Club, Summit Point Golf and Country Club and SM City Lipa Mall. The City is also home to the Fernando Air Base, the former headquarters of the Philippine Air Force’s 100th Training Wing and Air Education and Training Command which is known in military circles as the Baguio of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

The Southern Tagalog Arterial Road (STAR) and South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) provide convenient access to Batangas City and Metro Manila.

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Property Features

  • 3 bed
  • 1 bath
  • 1 Parking Spaces
  • Land is 50 sqm
  • Floor Area is 72 m²
  • New Construction
  • Toilet
  • Carport
  • Secure Parking
  • Land Fully Fenced
  • Private

La Aldea two-storey townhouse

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La Aldea two-storey townhouse units boast of an contemporary Asian – inspired façade, with design concepts that welcome any improvements you may want to fit in.

Large windows bring in the warm radiance of sunlight and provide your family with a refreshing view of the outdoors.

Product Offering

Contemporary Asian-inspired two-storey townhomes with 6 units per cluster, decorative molding accents, metal grill works and plastered interior wall finish.


• 10-meter wide main roads, 8-meter secondary roads and 6.5-meter interior roads
• Landscaped entrance gate
• Guardhouse with 24/7 security
• Multipurpose court
• Park and playground

Lot Area 40 sq.m ( inner ) and 65 sq.m (end)

Floor Area 45 sq.m, expandable up to 95 sq.m

HLURB LTS Number: La Aldea Del Monte 24955

On-Grid/Off-Grid Systems Suitable for Your Business and Home

PSL7We all know that the sun is a very powerful energy source and thanks to it, we can harvest solar energy from its radiation. Science proved that the energy the sun provides for one hour is enough to provide global energy needs for one year. And since the sun is very generous especially to tropical countries, solar in the Philippines is definitely abundant particularly during the summer. There are three ways to harvest solar energy: on-grid or grid-tied, off-grid, and hybrid systems.

On-grid, also known as grid-tied, is the most common type of solar PV system. Grid-tied systems are connected to an electrical grid and allow households and businesses to harvest solar energy and electrical energy from the grid. When there is no demand for energy, the solar panels send excess electricity for use elsewhere. Owners then complete a net metering agreement, which allows households or even corporations to sell back excess electricity and use them as credits to lower next month’s electric bill.

IMG_20160114_111805On-grid systems, when upgraded to include a battery backup, become a hybrid system. These batteries are charged by both the solar panels and power grid and needs to be switched on either manually or with an automatic system to provide backup power for the building during an outage.

In line with the net metering agreement, distributors of electrical power such as Meralco has come up with a program to comply with the Renewable Energy Act of 2008, which allows the owner to have 100 kWp (kilowatt peak) installed solar panels under net metering.

Off-grid, on the other hand, is a solar system independent of an electric guild. Off-grid systems usually incorporate a battery, a backup source of energy, or sometimes both. They are more common in remote places where utility service is low. If you are ready to invest in solar energy, here are some pros and cons of both on-grid and off-grid solar systems:


On-grids are simpler than off-grids and they are the most cost-effective to install. And thanks to the net metering agreement, the excess energy may be used for later or be credited in the next month’s bill, letting the owner save money. They also work the best during summer. The downsides are, they don’t work during grid outage and they can’t gather energy during the night.


Off-grids are more reliable during a power grid outage because the energy is stored in the batteries. They can provide power when the grid is down and it can make the owner energy self-sufficient. Becoming energy self-sufficient is a form of security because power failures will not affect off-grid solar systems. However, off-grid systems are more complex to install. They require specialized equipment and caution must be exercised when setting them up. The owner must analyze the requirements so he could know how much to provide to cover the basic energy needs. The batteries, aside from being expensive, must also be monitored and they require regular check-up as well as periodic replacement.

Solar energy offers many benefits to the home and its residents. A reduction in electricity costs and usage are some of them but it depends on the type of solar PV system the owner will choose. And like with other things, a thorough analysis of the site, environment and budget must be done so that you will know what type of solar PV system is right for you.

The Truth Behind Solar Farms and Noise Pollution

photovoltaic-491702_1280Solar panels in the Philippines are believed to be costly because of their prices. Yes, it may be expensive but is a great investment for anyone wanting to add solar power to their resource pool. This goes especially for utility and commercial organizations who want to integrate renewable energy into their operations.

The weather in this country is only dry and wet, and during summer days, the temperature gradually increases which causes us to experience a tremendous heat.

This ties in well with the fact that a number of solar panels have emerged in the country. In places such as Batangas and Negros Oriental, solar farms had become a popular choice to contribute to the city or the region’s electrical needs. However, there were beliefs that solar farms produce noise. Let us try to understand whethersolar panels create noise pollution.

Do Solar Panels in the Philippines produce Noise Pollution?

The definition of noise by World Health Organization (WHO) is an ‘unwanted sound—can affect human health and well-being in a number of ways, including annoyance reaction, sleep disturbance, interference with communication, performance effects, effects on social behavior.’ As we grow older, we become annoyed with the noise around us which may cause certain disturbances for us and even sicknesses.

Asian Development Bank (ADB) conducted a study saying that the noise pollutants are the public utility vehicles such as tricycles, jeepneys, and motorcycles in the urbanized areas produced by their engines and honks. There is also a time range where noise is most polluted, this happens during the rush hours from 6am-10am and 4pm-7pm.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) teamed up to implement rules and regulations to prevent noise emissions in certain institutions. This will enable residents and commuters to avoid noise nuisance.

Noise in Solar Panels?                        

Other, solar company, manufactured a 160 hectare solar farm in Calatagan, Batangas, which is able to provide electricity to 100,000 houses in the area.  It is known as the largest solar farm in Luzon.

Another one in Cadiz, Negros Occidental with a 176-hectare land, is named as Southeast Asia’s largest solar farm and 7th largest in the world, facilitated by Helios Solar Energy Corporation partnered with Gregorio Araneta Incorporated (GAI) and Soleq Holdings Incorporated.

These solar farms cost billions of pesos and ensure to demonstrate innovative developments for the betterment of the Philippines through generating power and renewable energy to enrich the lives of Filipinos.

The high price tag that came with completing these projects ensured quality. It is said that these solar farms do not emit noise nor emission. Location is also critical in making solar farms and the locations of these solar farms are far away from the urbanized areas. So it is assured that the solar farms do not cause noise pollution and avoid disturbing people.

Soon enough, the prices of solar panels in the Philippines will become cheaper wherein people will have easier access to own their personal solar panels in their homes and different establishments. This is strongly a great investment, not only does it renew energy; you get to save up on your electrical bills too! PhilSOLAR is one of the many renowned solar powered companies you can go to. Invest now and enrich your future.

Olivarez Homes

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RFO Units Available in ‪#‎CALAMBA‬!
Near Turbina (walking Distance)
Along the National Hiway Lang po
‪#‎Complete‬ finished n po, gamit nyo nlng ang ilalagay nyo!
Olivarez Homes Calamba
Brgy. Milagrosa Calamba Laguna
Features and Amenities
-Secured Community
-LandScaped Entrans and GuradHouse
-Congcrete Roads, gutter and curbs
-Underground drainage system
-Meralco Serviced electrical facilities
-Basketbal Court
-Park With jogging lane
-Swimming Pool
-Accessible to public transport, school, hospitals, and Market
AZZALEA Inner Unit
Complete Finished
2 Bedrooms
1 T&B
TCP… 1,799,000
Reservation fee… 10,000
Monthly Equity… 12,700 (15 months)
Monthly Amortization… 11,440 (30 yrs)

Details Town House Olivarez Homes

Strategically located beside Brent International School, along SLEX North Bound, Phase 5 is the newest development of Olivarez Homes. With accessibility to the nearest toll exit, commuters and motorists heading for Makati and nearby technohubs would find Phase 5 an ideal abode.
Olivarez Homes was established in the city of San Pedro, Laguna in 1989, by company President Edwin L. Olivarez. Since then, Olivarez Homes has gained its reputation as an affordable housing development, built under quality and excellence. It offers value row houses and townhouses for today’s developing Filipino family. As a company under the Olivarez Realty Corporation, Olivarez Homes guarantees its residents of homes built only under the best conditions.
Our mission is to provide quality affordable homes for the Filipino family. With dedication in rewarding the smart and practical working Filipino, Olivarez Homes provides a home created with his needs in mind. Our vision is to see their families grow in nurturing homes, and enjoy the fruits of their labor. We see the hardworking Filipino, finally enjoy living in his own home.
We, at Olivarez Homes, give you a home of your own.
Olivarez Realty has already built and completed different phases of Olivarez Homes (Binan Area), Condominiums (Paranaque Area), and Shopping Malls (Binan, Los Banos and Tagaytay Area). Currently home to around 5,000 residents in Laguna, Olivarez Homes continuously searches for development innovations that would satisfy its homeowners and tenants.
Olivarez Realty Projects
1. Olivarez Homes Phase 1
– Olivarez Homes Phase 1-A
– Olivarez Homes Phase 1-B
2. Olivarez Homes Phase 2
3. Olivarez Homes Phase 3
4. Olivarez Homes Phase 4
5. Olivarez Condominum (Six 5 Storey condo buildings which 2 buildings are already built located in Sucat Parañaque)
6. Olivarez Plaza Biñan
7. Olivarez Plaza Los Baños
8. Olivarez Plaza Tagaytay
House Type:
Two-storey Townhouse (2-Bedroom)
Balai de Paz – entrance door is located at the side
Balai de Sueño – entrance door is located at the center
Floor area: 40 square meters
Lot area: min. of 44 sqm
Turn-over Finish:
Bare/Core – no tiles, paint, ceiling, division, railings
Complete – with tiles, paint, ceiling, division, railings
Side and middle door panels
Plastered exterior CHB wall
Steel casement windows
Panel door
Pre-painted roofing on metal framing
Toilet fixture and kitchen sink
Electrical and plumbing provision
Features and Amenities
Secured community
Landscaped entrance and guard house
Concrete roads, gutter and curbs
Underground drainage system
Meralco serviced electrical facilities
Mini park with jogging lane
Accessible to public transport, school, hospitals and market
Water supply provided by Laguna water
Sto. Tomas, Biñan, Laguna. 35-40mins to/from Manila via South Luzon Expressway. Near to transport terminals, schools, hospitals, malls & churches.
Malls and Commercial Centers
Pavillion Mall
SM Sta. Rosa
Robinsons Sta. Rosa
Waltermart Carmona
Olivarez Plaza
Savemore Olivarez
University of Perpetual Help
La Consolacion College
Cavite State University
Brent International School Manila
Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Biñan
Zapote Elementary School
Saint Michael College of Laguna
Platero Elementary School
University of Perpetual Help Hospital
New Sinai MDI Hospital
San Pedro Doctors Hospital
Westlake Medical Center
Evangelista Hospital
Family Care Hospital
Unihealth Southwoods Hospital
Price range
Two-storey Townhouse (2-Bedroom, Bare): 919,500
Two-storey Townhouse (2-Bedroom, Complete): 1,149,500
BALAI DE PAZ Townhouse Model (BARE TYPE)
– Lot Area: 40sqm
– Floor Area: 44sqm
– 2 Bedroom (provision only)
– 1 Toilet and Bath
– 1 Car Garage
Total Price: P919,500
Reservation Fee: P5,000
10.6036% Downpayment: P97,500
payable for 15 month(s): P6,167/mo
89% PAGIBIG Financing: P822,000
for 20yrs: P7,108/mo
for 25yrs: P6,591/mo
for 30yrs: P6,291/mo
Dapat na Income para makaavail : 16,000/mo
– Lot Area: 40sqm
– Floor Area: 44sqm
– 2 Bedroom (provision only)
– 1 Toilet and Bath
– 1 Car Garage
Total Price: P1,149,500
Reservation Fee: P5,000
19.96% Downpayment: P229,500
payable for 15 month(s): P14,967/mo
80% PAGIBIG Financing: P920,000
for 20yrs: P7,984/mo
for 25yrs: P7,408/mo
for 30yrs: P7,074/mo
Dapat na Income para makaavail : 17,500/mo
BALAI DE PAZ Townhouse Model (BARE TYPE)
– BARE type, INNER unit townhouse
– lot area: 40sqm
– floor area: 44sqm
– 2BR provision only
– 1 toilet and bath
– 1 service area
Total Price: P919,500
Reservation Fee: P5,000
20% Downpayment: P183,900
payable for 15 month(s): P11,927/mo
80% INHOUSE Financing: P735,600
for 5yrs: P18,679/mo
for 7yrs: P15,461/mo
for 10yrs: P13,254/mo
– INNER unit townhouse
– lot area: 40sqm
– floor area: 44sqm
– 2BR actual partition
– 1 toilet and bath
– 1 service area
– with tiles
Total Price: P1,149,500
Reservation Fee: P5,000
20% Downpayment: P229,900
payable for 15 month(s): P14,993/mo
80% INHOUSE Financing: P919,600
for 5yrs: P23,352/mo
for 7yrs: P19,328/mo
for 10yrs: P16,570/mo
More or less 2 years since house construction is by batch method and not dependent on the downpayment, which is payable up to 15 months only.
Hurry mabilis po maubos mga units dito!
Ito na po ang pinakamurang house and lot in Biñan!

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Filipino Solar Panels: What role can the Philippines have in solar energy?

The city of Manila, Philippines welcomed the world’s largest solar powered boat, the MS Turanor this past July.  Manila was one of the few Asian stops the ship was to make on its first journey around the world, using no other power other than energy from the sun.  The ship sails under the Swiss flag but, the most important part of the MS Turanor, the solar panels, were made in a SunPowerplant near Manila.

Citizens and important political leaders of the Philippines joined the 4,500 Filipino employees of PlanetSolar in welcoming the MS Turanor.  Why is the stopover in Manila so important to the people of the Philippines?  Articles written in Philippine Daily Inquirer and ABS CBN News express the excitement of the Philippine government and its people in having a ship of this type and size have its solar panels completely made in the Philippines.

The article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine-Made Batteries Propel Solar Powered Vessel by Amy R. Remo, not only covers the news of the MS Turanor, but also gives insight as to where the Philippine government stands in solar power and its production.  “The Philippine stop was recognition of the country’s strong support for renewable energy,” states the article.  According to the article, the Philippine government plans to increase renewable energy use by threefold in the next 20 years through the Department of Energy.

“You sense that this is built by the Philippines’ ingenuity,” Rafael Domjan, the president of PlanetSolar, the company who built the MS, tells ABS CBN News in this article.  It is obvious that the Philippines considers the making of the solar panels on this boat as a huge step for the country to move forward both in technology and in this ever increasing “global” world.

The Philippines, have good reason to think of this in that way, too.  4,500 Philippine people were employed in a country whose main source of income comes from overseas Philippine citizens sending money back to their families in the homeland.  Solar energy definitely has its benefits for the Philippines and other countries like it.

MS Turanor; world’s largest, entirely solar powered boat

The people of the Philippines seem to think that this is a great feat but not many other people seem to think the same.  In the blog-like website by PlanetSolar that gives regular updates on the whereabouts of the MS Turanor, Manila is only mentioned as being a stop where “SunPower employees will welcome ‘their’ solar panels.”  It seems that American and Dutch based companies such as SunPower and PlanetSolar see the Philippines as a place to make parts for their projects like the MS Turanor.  It was foreign, rich, and Western companies who put this project in the Philippines, so how much control would the Philippines have in their role to move towards solar energy?  If the Philippines has to rely on other countries for funding and projects like these, the Philippines could remain dependent on foreign income.  If the government plans to move towards renewable energy on its own, then the Philippines has a bright future in solar power.

Phinma Properties Condominium

banner1At Solano Hills, home seekers have a chance to live within the much- desired city of Muntinlupa, which enjoys continued solid growth that translates to better quality of life for people who live and work there. Well-located near retail, business, and commercial activities, while having panoramic views of city and countryside, Solano Hills will consist of 3 phases medium-sized buildings on land measuring 2.9 hectares. The undulating terrain is considered a special attribute of the development, complemented by the modern country lodge structures equipped with an elevator and stairwells.

Solano Hills provides urban solace and fosters community spirit at The Lodge (clubhouse) and common areas in each of the three phases. Solano Hills is on Villongco Road, Southbay, Muntinlupa City, accessible from the exits connecting to the West Service Road via Sucat and Alabang-Zapote exits on South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and Skyway.

With an introductory price of Php 980K for Solano Hills, enthusiastic start up families with combined monthly income between Php 18k to Php 30k may have a 30-sqm unit at Solano Hills. Monthly payments are computed as low as Php 5,604.00 (based on a loan value at Php 750k through Pag-IBIG for 30 years).

Project Address
Arezzo Place Pasig, A. Sandoval, Pasig City

Model Units
Model units ready for viewing by June 2012

Building Features:
-5 storey walkup hallway type
-With an exclusive atrium per building
-Emergency power in common areas
-18 units per floor
-90 units per building
-Fire alarms and sprinkler system
-Fire-hose cabinets on every floor
-Ground floor ramps for people with disabilities
-Fire exits on every floor
-Typical unit size: 30 sqm with balconies

-“The Piazza” Clubhouse
-Main multi-purpose function hall
-Residents lounge
-Adult’s swimming pool
-Children’s swimming pool
-Covered walkway along pool area
-Landscape gardens
-Walkways and jogging paths
-Children’s playground
-Collegiate basketball court
-Function room and upper lobby

Project Info
ASiA Enclaves Alabang
Beside Hillsborough
Village, West Service Road via
Sucat Exit

Model Units
Model units open from Monday to Saturday, 8am to 4pm only. Special viewing of actual units inside Sato 4 building now available upon request.

Amenities Club Pasilyo: Recreational Hub, Meeting Room, Resident’s Lounge, Multipurpose Hall; Adult and Children’s Swimming Pools. Children’s Playground in each enclave.

Asking Price:
PHP 1,940,000

ASiA Enclaves Alabang affordable luxury condo


ASiA Enclaves Alabang is PHINMA Properties’ flagship affordable luxury condominiums featuring the largest single unit sizes among our other condo developments. It boasts a reputation for affordable luxury as the winner of the “Best Affordable Condo Development (Manila)” Award from the 2014 Philippines Property Awards, and was also one of the prestigious “Highly Commended Best Condo Developments (Philippines)” by the 2014 South East Asia Property Awards.Its infusion of distinct Asian-inspired architecture to its condominium design creates a unique cosmopolitan atmosphere that is set to inspire city-living in the south. Delicately designed as a community set within the dynamic and modern setting of Alabang, ASiA Enclaves offers a new way to enjoy the essential luxuries of an urban lifestyle.115202938370316474433_orig (1)1152029 (1)

ASiA Enclaves is set near the upscale neighbourhood of Alabang in Muntinlupa City, where every convenience of a highly-developed urban center can be found. As a truly family-oriented locale, the Alabang District features several high-end malls, international schools and bustling business centers from the Madrigal Business Park to the Northgate Cyberzone.

ASiA Enclaves promises to be the ideal residence for the modern Filipino Family. Enjoy the essential luxury of space in ASiA Enclaves’ larger living spaces, with a wide range of units in the SATO premiere Suites—from two bedroom 54 and 56 sqm units and three-bedroom 76-sqm units. All units are ideally spaced apart to ensure a low density and private community.

Enjoy exclusive amenities including spacious function halls, adult and children’s swimming pools, a fully-equipped fitness studio and the relaxing Residents’ Lounge. Experience the privilege of living in an upscale community, with landscaped gardens, cobblestone paths and a dedicated security detail that keeps your family safe and secure.

PHINMA Properties developments have been designed to incorporate the ideal combination of affordability and quality. ASiA Enclaves features long-term payment plans that allow clients to buy their units faster and easier, with a price range starting from P1,590,000 for studio units to P4,457,000 for 3BR Units in the Sato III Premiere Suites.


Note: Price will be change without prior notice. Its just a sample computation and it needs update or email us on

La Aldea Townhouse Sto. Tomas


Affordability without compromising Quality

La Aldea two-storey townhouse units boast of an contemporary Asian – inspired façade, with design concepts that welcome any improvements you may want to fit in.

Large windows bring in the warm radiance of sunlight and provide your family with a refreshing view of the outdoors.

Product Offering

Contemporary Asian-inspired two-storey townhomes with 6 units per cluster, decorative molding accents, metal grill works and plastered interior wall finish.


  • • 10-meter wide main roads, 8-meter secondary roads and 6.5-meter interior roads
  • • Landscaped entrance gate
  • • Guardhouse with 24/7 security
  • • Multipurpose court
  • • Park and playground

Lot Area
    40 sq.m ( inner ) and 65 sq.m (end)

Floor Area    45 sq.m, expandable up to 95 sq.m

HLURB LTS Number: La Aldea Del Monte 24955

The Horizon Residence Pueblo de Oro

b4d5287595f0d243ae4b62ccce5a1c0fFirst-class master-planned communities adorned with modern amenities, landscaped gardens and relaxing parks.

The beautiful clean lines of these 2-storey Zen-inspired homes provide a serene and tranquil setting for bonding with family and friends.

Experience Zen Lifestyle

Enjoy the breathtaking view and cool breeze of Mount Makiling at the comfort of your home.

These Zen-inspired homes are built on 24 hectares of gently rolling terrain with an array of amenities that addresses your need for space and modern lifestyle living. The beautiful clean lines of these Japanese –style homes provide a serene and tranquil setting for bonding with family and entertaining friends.

Product Offering

Zen-inspired two-storey single attached homes highlighted by clean lines, grooved walls and decorative molding accents.


  • • 12-meter wide main roads with 8-meter wide secondary roads
  • • Landscaped entrance gate and guardhouse
  • • Swimming pool
  • • Multi-purpose clubhouse
  • • Park and playground
  • • Basketball court

Lot Area
   110 sq.m.

Gross Floor Area   77 sq.m, expandable up to 112 sq.m

HLURB LTS Number: The Horizon Residences 24951